Don’t Touch That Dial!


I am a merciless radio scanner in the car. If it’s not a song I immediately love, it’s gone. On to the next preset, hoping for something good. Even if it is a song I sort of like, I will run through the others just in case there is a better offer out there. It truly is a sad commentary on our culture of instant gratification and me-first service. It drives my wife Stacy nuts. In an effort to be a better husband (and avoid her sighs), I have striven to control this behavior when she is with me. I suffer through mediocre songs and resist the itch to scan. No parade in my honor is necessary, really. Just trying to be less selfish. That is, except for Bob Seger, Luke Bryan, or Foo Fighters. They are gone as soon as my hand can snap to the button.

In seeking to serve my wife, I have learned much-needed lessons about contentment. As I endured less-than-great music, I was surprised to find that some of it was…not so bad. I even gained a level of appreciation for some artists I had written off. I found talent and beauty which, before, I had rushed by and ignored. I discovered value in things I had discounted and hurried right past in my haste to please myself. I learned that I don’t need to be enthralled every moment of my day.

Sadly, that foolishness is not limited to music. Every day I overlook so many things (and people) of worth by being “busy”. Shame on me. I am grateful to my wife for teaching me to slow down, be patient, and give things a chance. We might surprise ourselves if we will do that more often. Blessings might stop being overlooked. Wisdom and beauty might rise to our view where it had been previously ignored. We might even begin to see people as God does—as precious children and souls of surpassing value.

Finally, I realize my comments may have upset some music fans. I offer no apologies. Bob Seger sounds like he’s passing a kidney stone, Luke Bryan is everything that is wrong with modern country music, and the Foo Fighters just…annoy me for some reason. But maybe I just haven’t given them a fair chance.


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