Arise! Awake!

daffodils.jpgWhen God has determined the time to be right, He begins to stretch out the days. The sun warms the ground and soon tiny green things begin to appear. The daffodils are first: the heralds of spring. They blow their golden trumpets in announcement. “Awake! Arise!” All nature hears the call and begins to shake off its dreary, winter slumber. The forsythia erupts in brazen glory launching out tendrils of flaxen fire. Next, the pear trees determine to shame all whom have not yet heeded the trumpet’s call. They burst forth in pale, fluffy clouds among the somber branches. The husky aroma fills the breeze to declare: “Spring is here!” Tulips snake their way up from the dark soil and sit like stately decorations in a gentleman’s lapel. The redbuds stealthily ease their lavender jewels until one day they seem to have appeared everywhere overnight. Just as the pear blossoms begin to fade into green, the lilacs come on the scene to replace the lost aroma with their own magnificent perfume.

All the trees have now begun to bud and resurrect. Soon the air will be filled with maple seeds helicoptering their way down to the ground much to children’s delight. The leaves elongate and widen. The breeze is now filled with the symphony of their melodious rustling. Phlox creeps across the barren ground and overcomes the brownness. Rose of Sharon bushes stack their pale blossoms atop one another. Not to be outdone, crape myrtle elbows in with its vibrant reds and purples. It will stand its ground deep into the hot summer, for God has made it hardy and beautiful. The world is alive again and it makes the winter seem to have been far longer and darker than it was because of the glorious contrast.

Why did God make the world so beautiful? Why did He make us able to appreciate beauty? None of the animals acknowledge God’s masterful handiwork. I suppose it is because we are made in His image and He Himself appreciates beauty. Let us revel in the cascading waves of God’s artistry that He sends to us at this time every year.

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