Pharos was the name of the lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. I have always been fascinated by lighthouses. They are so rich with symbolism. I see them as representative of God’s word and the church. God’s word is the light which goes forth warning of dangerous rocks and currents. It beckons weary travelers home and promises the rest of safe harbor. It shines a light into the darkness and gives hope when all seems lost. It is a stable point of reference in the stormy waves of life. The church is given the task of the lightkeeper. Many old lighthouses required the keeper to wind up the rotating mechanism every few hours. If the keeper is not vigilant in this task, disaster will occur and souls will be lost. My hope is that this blog will provide a bit of light and guidance in the world as I share my thoughts on life, family, culture, and God. It will also provide a way for me to remain vigilant in my duty as a lightkeeper. May the Lord shine upon you.

Rob Lester is a husband, father, Christian, and preacher of the gospel currently living and ministering in Kansas. I grew up in Kansas and served in the U.S. Army artillery. I have been preaching since 2003 and was baptized in 1999. I came to my faith largely through a study of Christian Evidences which proved the Bible’s truth and accuracy to me. I have another blog on this topic (Creation Faith Facts @ preachrr.wordpress.com) which continues to be a passion of mine.

  1. burl abraham

    preach on Rob

  2. Jennifer Baker

    Just found your blog and really enjoy your work! I want to receive your new posts please!

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